Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Our very first market at Hammer Hill Farm 1st December 2012

Here we go again.  Kate and I always have too many ideas, although I think this is a pretty good one.
In October (!!) we decided to have a Christmas Market up at our barn. We really loved the open day we had there in the autumn and thought the barn would provide a great space to showcase lots of local  creative sorts!
So, it's this Saturday. We believe it'll be a great success. Kate selling all her amazing vintage finds along with her up cycled furniture. Laura from brewing up in the vintage tea room along with hand made French macaroons, beautiful jewellery and of course lots of festive floral goodies and loads more.
Come along between 10 and 4 to see what's happening in the sleepy hamlet of Stanbrook. Are they really ready for this!

Monday, 22 October 2012

You can never have too many knackered old tins...

I absolutely love a tin. Preferably with as many different flowers in as possible. It just works. This little beauty below with the robins on is a fave of mine so if you've been lucky enough to have had it used for your wedding you are very lucky indeed!! 
For more lush tins take a look at the