Monday, 12 January 2015

2014. That was a bit of a year....

A little belated but Happy New Year!

2014 was one of those years that flew by in a flash. We did tonnes of fabulous weddings, some amazing parties, we had a brand new website and we decided to move workshops. More of that news to come. Along with all of this we were also nominated for the Perfect Wedding Awards "Best Wedding Florist 2014" Now, as you can imagine I was pretty chuffed just to get nominated. we were up there with such amazingly talented florists and as fellow nominee Jay Archer said "Me and you are the wildcards"and this is just how it felt. Violets and Velvet is a small, independent floristry company, there's just five of us, all freelancers apart from me of course and I didn't think I stood a chance. All my past clients were asked to vote, and they did, in there droves it appears! The voting was purely based on the public vote so that's why it was so amazing when they announced us as the winner!!!! I had an outer body experience to be fair! I think you will see just how shocked I was in the little video below!

It was a brilliant end to a bittersweet year ( isn't every year a bit like that) and I appreciate so much every single vote that was placed. It's so wonderful to have your work recognised in this way and makes all the hard work over the years so, so worth it. My sincere thanks goes out to everyone who bothered to vote for me. You really did make my dreams come true.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Not just for Christmas.....

And we are off! The first of the wreath making workshops started today. As usual there was laughter, lots of chat, copious amount of mulled wine (even though it was an early morning one, 9-12am!!!), and some amazing wreaths. Even my Mum had a go and by her own admission the creative gene has skipped a generation.
I could just about squeeze in a couple more peeps if anyone is interested in coming along to one of the workshops but if you can't fear not, here is a handy tutorial for a simple way to create a Christmas wreath. All photography by

First up, soak you oasis ring
Step 1. Start to add your foliage starting with the largest leaf first.
Step 2. Continue to add foliage until the ring is totally full with no oasis showing.

Step 3. Start to add the pretty, again starting with the largest flowers first. Evenly place the flowers around the wreath.

Step 4. Add some fruits and fir cones at regular intervals around the wreath to give it a real festive feel.
Step 5. Place wispy limonium around the whole wreath for a soft and whimsical look
And there you go. A simple wreath, great for indoors or outdoors. Not just for Christmas....

Friday, 7 November 2014

It's that time of year again....

So the wedding season is getting a bit less frenzied and here at VandV our minds turn to Crimbo!!
We are of course doing a annual wreath making workshops along with some new additions to the timetable. Check out the website for details
We are also lucky enough to be dressing a few venues locally with our garlands, wreaths and all round loveliness.
Earlier on the year we did a gorgeous little Christmas shoot at the barn with the talented Kate from and the ever so lovely Claire Naylor
The results are quite lovely and should give you a bit of inspiration for your Christmas table. A lot of the pretty bits are  available from a new venture for Kate.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Anna was one of the loveliest people to work with. Bags of style and not afraid of a bit of colour!
Chris and Anna married last year at the gorgeous Chippenham Park just outside Cambridge last summer. Anna came to me with an initial idea of using peacock feathers as a colour pallet for the flowers. Wanting to keep it bright and summery we decided upon coral charm peonies, purple hydrangea, miss piggy and black bacarra roses, delphiniums, amaranthus, stocks, nigella, thistles and a load of home grown greenery. There was a couple of sneaky birds and butterflies thrown in there too!!
Lush photography by

Friday, 14 March 2014


Oh how I love thee. Although it does make me want to scive off and have a cider in a beer garden.
Here's a shoot we did last spring up at Hammer Hill Barn. A little crazy as it's about two mannequins.
All sorts is going on at VVHQ nowadays. Of course there's Vintage Style Hire as always but we now have the lovely Marion next door, an upholsterer, very handy! Loads of workshops taking place and in the pipeline so get in touch if you would like more info.
Anyway, back to those pretty pictures.Hammer Hill Barn is available for photo shoots. Gorgeous scenery with props and flowers on hand.
Props and Styling www.vintagestylehire,co,uk
Gorgeous embroidery