Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Not just for Christmas.....

And we are off! The first of the wreath making workshops started today. As usual there was laughter, lots of chat, copious amount of mulled wine (even though it was an early morning one, 9-12am!!!), and some amazing wreaths. Even my Mum had a go and by her own admission the creative gene has skipped a generation.
I could just about squeeze in a couple more peeps if anyone is interested in coming along to one of the workshops but if you can't fear not, here is a handy tutorial for a simple way to create a Christmas wreath. All photography by www.clairenaylorphotography.co.uk

First up, soak you oasis ring
Step 1. Start to add your foliage starting with the largest leaf first.
Step 2. Continue to add foliage until the ring is totally full with no oasis showing.

Step 3. Start to add the pretty, again starting with the largest flowers first. Evenly place the flowers around the wreath.

Step 4. Add some fruits and fir cones at regular intervals around the wreath to give it a real festive feel.
Step 5. Place wispy limonium around the whole wreath for a soft and whimsical look
And there you go. A simple wreath, great for indoors or outdoors. Not just for Christmas....

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